Applying AI and chat-based User Interfaces to Learning & Development challenges

elnetwork, May 23, 2018

AI is the much-feted ‘next big thing’ in corporate learning but how often do you speak to people who are actually making use of it? Is it ‘the future’ or is it already here?

This webinar was a chance to ask questions about this new technology, cut through the hype and join Chris Littlewood and Toby Harris from Filtered, one of our Industry Partners, as they explain how AI can be applied in practice to improve digital learning experiences.

The webinar covered:
– How AI works in other fields, the power of emulating human decision-making and the role humans play in building AI systems
– The role of algorithms and chat-based User Interfaces
– Examples of Filtered’s approach: chatbots for compliance, AI-driven playlists for structured programmes and solving content overload in large organisations

Chris Littlewood, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Filtered, leads its data science team. Toby Harris, eLN Vice Chair, is Solution Architect at Filtered whose role is to work out how to use AI to solve customer challenges.

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