Filtered webinar ‘Digital Learning after the reset’ sketchnote by Rachel Burnham

Are you a creative person or do you wish you were? Do you struggle to make sense of the notes you made in a meeting? Why not try your hand at sketchnoting with Rachel Burnham?

Toby Harris from eLN Industry Partner, Filtered, and Myles Runham reflected on the perils and promise of the post-Covid future for digital learning designers

In the early 2000s, authors spoke of the ‘unfinished revolution‘ in education. In many ways, the Covid-19 crisis and shutdown has completed that revolution. All learning must be virtual. All skills must be developed without physical contact. No one can trust in a quality in-person experience to shift mindsets or deliver results. It’s likely that these changes will stick around once the lockdowns are lifted as we all learn the benefits of less travel. Josh Bersin has described it as ‘the reset‘.

It’s a time of great potential for digital learning designers and digital communicators in general. Now we are all mission critical. But the economic catastrophe means that life won’t be easy for anyone.

Key questions discussed

* What can we learn from the experience of the last few months?

* What might we miss whilst ‘digital first’ is a default?

* The importance of ‘observe don’t ask’ – digital data and learner feedback

* Where does future value lie – what about supporting ‘the return to work’?

* What might be the most important values of future work: trust, purpose, flexibility…?

If you missed the first time around or want to watch the webinar again, click here for our eLN You Tube Channel.

Toby is head of solutions at Filtered and former director of the eLN. He has worked in different parts of the learning industry since 2010. Currently his focus is on putting Filtered’s solutions to work addressing most pressing transformation challenges facing clients in the consumer goods, retail, utilities, logistics and healthcare sectors. He is an advocate of evidence-informed practice.

Myles has been working in and around the web for twenty years in many roles from marketing and product development to senior leadership in a variety of sectors, including time as Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. He is an independent consultant advising businesses on digital learning strategy, product development and design approaches and how to organise most effectively for the future.

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eLN Virtual Administrator - Rowan Lingard

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