Asli Derya


I am an experienced L&D manager with an extensive knowledge of learning design and digital learning. I’ve been working in L&D in the past 8 years with in-house L&D teams in a number of industries and roles, before landing on the digital learning space. I enjoy the creativity and agility of what we do in the EdTech sector. I am a lifelong learner, who always curiously looks to learn and improve things. I’m also passionate about seeing people grow and develop in their career and providing the support required for them to reach their full potential.

I think this network creates a great environment for learning professionals to harness their collective power and move the conversation forward. I believe I will bring a diverse view to the board through my experience, trying to project the views of non-provider side of things, also expect this experience to enable me to meet more members of eLN and gain insights from them.