eLN Mentoring Scheme

Get more from the eLN community by becoming a mentor or a mentee

Here at the eLN we like to share, and we know you do too. That’s why we have a mentoring scheme. As a network of several thousand eLearning professionals, we have access to a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise. We want to help people make connections with others within the industry that will benefit both parties.

Why be a mentor?

  • Give something back to the elearning community
  • Be recognised for your expertise
  • Refresh your knowledge and perspectives

Why be a mentee?

  • Gain access to years of experience of industry experts
  • Expand your knowledge and skills
  • Further your career

Frequently Asked Questions

All full members of the eLearning Network can take advantage of our mentoring scheme.
The scheme pairs members with an experienced eLearning industry professional who can provide developmental support and advice.

A mentor is someone who acts as an experienced and trusted adviser. They openly share their skills, knowledge and insight for the purpose of guiding their mentee towards specific goals and objectives.

That is very much up to the mentee and the mentor to decide between them. The relationship can be as formal or as informal as both parties feel comfortable with.

The guiding principle we would offer is that the mentor should act as a helpful friend to the mentee when one is needed.

All of our mentors volunteer their time for free, and often balance this with their own work. To help them maintain a realistic balance, ELN mentors are asked to commit to a minimum of five hours of mentoring over the space of a year. How you use these five hours are up to you and your mentor to decide between you. For example, some people choose to have 5 x 1 hour sessions, while others may choose shorter, more frequent sessions.

At the end of your five hours, you can apply for a new mentor, or if your current mentor agrees, you can continue your relationship outside of the eLN scheme.

The first thing to share with your potential mentor is the goals you want to achieve when working with them. Your objectives will drive your relationship and give it purpose, so it’s important to be honest about what you want. If the mentor feels that they can move you forward towards your goals, then the relationship is likely to be a positive one.

You should also discuss logistics, including location and regularity of meetings, to determine if these present any potential blocks to you working together successfully.

f you are a full member of the eLN, get in touch with us at mentoring@elearningnetwork.org in the first instance. A Board member will contact you directly to discuss what you are looking to get out of your mentoring relationship.

The Board member will then make recommendations and put you in touch with a potential mentor. You will be invited to have a conversation with the potential mentor, with a view to deciding if you would both like to work together.

If you are not a full member, you will need to join first. You can do this via our sign up page.

Again, this is something to be decided between the mentee and mentor. Your initial conversation would be a good time to discuss the time and effort the mentor could realistically make. You can take a view if this is inline with your own expectations.

We would stress, however, that you as the mentee should take the proactive role in the partnership. While your mentor will get a lot out of relationship, you and your goals should drive it.

It’s also important to have a flexible attitude. There may be times, for instance, when your mentor might introduce you to someone in his or her network who might be better placed to help with a particular situation.

You may be paired with an eLN Board member or someone in his or her network. Between them, the eLN Board is very well connected in the eLearning industry and is well placed to make contact with potential mentors.

The final decision on the partnership will be made jointly by the member and the potential mentor.

Absolutely. Individual members will have different development needs. Your own skills and experience may be a great fit for the goals and objectives of another member.

Anyone can request to be a mentor. You do not have to be a member of the eLN. If you are interested in being a mentor to an eLN member please get in touch at mentoring@elearningnetwork.org.

We encourage the use of a non-disclosure agreement for all mentoring relationships, to assure you both of confidentiality within your sessions.

Watch what our existing mentors have to say

Mentee testimonials

My mentor was able to introduce me to some great contacts and websites that really helped build my Personal Learning Network. I’d really recommend getting a Mentor from the eLN.
Andy Nock

Apply to be an eLN mentor

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This form is confidential to the eLN Mentoring Director and the eLN mentoring matching panel.  Please complete this form as fully as possible, as it will help us to match you with a mentee that has development needs that close meet your experience and skills.

We look forward to welcoming you to the scheme!

Mentoring is currently only available to members and industry partners.

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