eLN Research Insights

Exploration, Insight, Impact

In collaboration with PeopleStar’s Jane Daly, we’re undertaking a member discovery exercise and have launched a longitudinal research study to our members and the wider L&D space to better understand the L&D community.

The insights will help inform and improve eLN’s proposition so we can better support our members and the L&D community as a whole, as we move towards becoming an evidence-based network.

The study

The study captures data from multiple sources, one of which being a dedicated survey that explores six key areas including Personas, Mindset and Mastery. The insights will help us capture the core challenges faced by the professional community so we can identify and help address them.

The survey is live and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey closes on Friday, 26th February at 17:00 GMT UK and is open to members and non-members of the eLN.

Exclusive webinar: “Rethink Cafe: eLearning and Professional Networks”

The study also plays host to a dedicated webinar co-presented by the eLN and Peoplestar.

The 90-minute webinar provides a platform for participants to rethink eLearning via the lens of a Professional Network. Through a variety of sessions and group work, the virtual session will examine how a thriving professional Network enhances the impact of eLearning. It will also explore what impact a digital-first approach makes to workplace learning.

Spaces are limited – register your attendance to avoid disappointment.

Watch this space

We’ll keep this page updated throughout the study with links to relevant content and information.