eLN Team membership is here!

Egle Vinauskaite, March 16, 2019

We’re very excited to announce that due to popular demand we’re introducing the long-awaited team membership. Just in time for our first annual member event – the Learning Technologies Awards Showcase!

For the same annual price of £29 per person, you can now sponsor individual memberships for your team. We’ve even made them transferable, so that you can transfer the membership to another person if they leave.

How it works:
Step 1: Email us the names and email addresses of the people you want to sponsor eLN memberships for.
Step 2: We’ll invoice you and their memberships will be approved upon the payment of the invoice.
Step 3: Your team will be full members and can sign up to our events, mentoring scheme and enjoy all other member benefits.
Step 4: Notify us if you wish to transfer a membership to another team member.

Email members@elearningnetwork.org to learn more or sign your team up straight away.