eLN Webinar: Improving our practice with Dr. Jane Bozarth

2020 has disrupted everyone’s lives in many ways, and brought new challenges to those of us in L&D. Economic and safety conditions related to COVID19 demanded swift, effective response from organization leaders, and political and other pressures shone a new light on issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion. And the increased need for psychological safety magnified.

Join The Learning Guild’s Director of Research, Dr. Jane Bozarth, for an overview of recent research reports addressing these issues and offering solutions for those of us struggling to solve the learning problems they present.

  • The myriad problems with most diversity training initiatives, and evidence-based ideas for how to address them
  • How the concept of psychological safety applies to areas of interest to L&D practitioners, such as simulation, facilitator skill, effective feedback, and employee engagement.
  • A review of research outlining skills that helped managers and other leaders successfully bring workers through the COVID crisis, and ways that can inform our leadership development efforts.

Jane Bozarth is a well-known contributor to the L&D industry, with decades of real-world experience with instructional design, live and virtual classroom facilitation, and eLearning program management. She holds a master’s degree in technology-based training and a doctorate in Training nd Development, and after many years in government now serves as The Learning Guild’s Director of Research. Dr. Bozarth is the author of many books including From Analysis to Evaluation, Better than Bullet Points, and Show Your Work: The Payoffs and How-Tos of Working Out Loud. Jane lives in Durham NC, where she works from home under the supervision of a demanding Welsh corgi.

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eLN Virtual Administrator - Rowan Lingard

eLN Virtual Administrator - Rowan Lingard

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