Finding the right voice with Ed Gardner and Elinor Hamilton from eLN Industry Partner, eLearning Voices

23rd October, 2020



Using voiceover in eLearning is not new and its benefits are well understood. However, the eLearning industry is evolving rapidly, and this means the expectations of our learners have changed. So how do you find the voice that is right for your learners?

To keep learners fully engaged, eLearning companies rightly produce more customisation and greater variety in their programs now but this augmented diversity of avatars and characters in turn demands a greater mix of voices – nationalities, accents, dialects, age ranges and more. As our audience is increasingly diverse and inclusive, our learning programs need to reflect this. The voice needs to match the content, the context and the culture.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Which voices are appropriate and which will truly connect with learners
  • How to access good quality voices that align to your programs
  • How to sift through the many so-called professional voices listed on Google to find the right one, so that the end product is as good as the showreel
  • Whether to use more obscure voices, such as those with foreign accents
  • How to check whether the voices you use will still be available for future changes to the material

The webinar is being presented by Ed Gardner and Elinor Hamilton of eLN Industry Partner eLearning Voices, a specialist voiceover company for eLearning organisations.

Ed has come from the world of corporate technology and business transformation. He knows first-hand the market trends that are driving the demand for more diversity in eLearning projects and how these shifts in customer expectation necessitate a broader requirement for voices.

Elinor has worked in the voice industry for 20 years and has a voice that’s well known to both commuters and learners. She explains what to look for in a voice that must resonate with the learner, and how to find it. She will also explore the increasing demand for multi-voiced projects and how to ensure the more complex voice audio matches the visual.

Date and Time

Friday 23rd October 2020, 11:00am-12noon