eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Accessible eLearning myths and tips

Empowering people to learn and to achieve their full potential is at the heart of what we do as eLearning professionals. That’s why we’re so focused on making our learning experiences engaging and effective. It’s also why accessibility is crucial to the success of our content. Why would we design and develop inaccessible content which creates barriers for a potential 12% to 26% of our learners and prevents them from achieving their potential?

Susi will tackle some of the myths and misconceptions which stop many eLearning professionals from engaging with accessibility. She’ll also share some tips on how to make resources more accessible for people with a range of disabilities and impairments.

In this session you will learn:
  • Some key facts and statistics to make you a more effective advocate for eLearning accessibility.
  • Why digital accessibility is important beyond the public sector.
  • How authoring tool providers can support eLearning practitioners in creating accessible content.
  • Strategies to ensure learners with a wide range of access needs are included in your learning content.
  • How accessible content enhances rather than harms the learning experience for all learners.
  • How learning which is accessible can also be interactive and innovative.
  • How accessibility standards can be a help rather than a hindrance.
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Susi Miller is an industry leading expert on accessible learning design and the Founder and Director of eLaHub. She is the author of Designing Accessible Learning Content (Kogan Page) and her accessible learning content has been shortlisted for the Learning Technologies Awards.

You can follow The eLearning Accessibility Community Group and Susi on LinkedIn.


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09 Nov 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Joan Keevill


Joan Keevill


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