eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Learning evaluation is easier and more useful than we might think. Maybe transformative!

The world of learning evaluation is undergoing a transformative change with critical improvements in the way we survey our learners and use learning-evaluation frameworks to guide our work. In our next online webinar, one of the global leaders in learning evaluation, Will Thalheimer, will share two innovations that are gaining hold throughout the world. He’ll share his new work on learner surveys based on his award-winning book (soon to be available in a second edition).

Will will also describe LTEM (the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) and how it’s helping organizations move beyond traditional approaches. Will is also known for his Presentation Science approach to making presentations, so this session ought to be well-presented as well (NOT too much pressure Dr. T!).

What you will learn:

  • Scientific findings: How traditional happy sheets are virtually uncorrelated with learning results.
  • How to replace Likert-like and numeric scales with more actionable question formats.
  • How to present data so that it enables post-survey decision making rather than indecision and confusion.
  • How to utilize the LTEM framework to guide BOTH learning evaluation and learning design.
    How to transform your learning evaluation approaches to get meaningful, useable data.
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With insights gained from decades navigating the borders of research and practice, Will Thalheimer has begun to dismantle the antiquated learning-evaluation folklore that has suppressed and hidden our most critical learning outcomes—making it difficult if not impossible to use evaluation for what it’s good for, providing feedback to enable learning improvements.

You can learn more about Will at Work-Learning Research.

You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Will’s blog.  
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26 Oct 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Joan Keevill


Joan Keevill


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