eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Mapping content for e-learning courseware with Kevin Maye

Does every request for a new course have a nicely defined scope and clear learning objectives? Do you never have requests to add ‘just this’ to almost ready courses? Do your subject matter experts always stick to just the things people need to know?

No? Join the club! In this post, Kevin Maye explains how Good Things Foundation collaborates with customers and subject matter experts together to keep their courseware concise.

I love Cathy Moore and her Action Mapping method for developing learning materials.

This session covers techniques to identify the right content to include in elearning courses you create and how to deal with suggestions for content that doesn’t fit.

Kevin will be interpreting Cathy Moore’s techniques in his session under the headings: 

  • Share Everything 
  • Sifting and sorting
  • Ideas that dont make the cut
  • Explore what made the cut 

That’s the essence of how Kevin keeps elearning courses concise, on topic and avoid waffle. Join him on the 14th April to explore in more detail along with real-world examples.

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14 Apr 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Hannah Gore


Hannah Gore

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