eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Measure Twice, Cut Once – a practical guide to eLearning design with eLN Director Paul Service

How to invest time up front to save you double down the line.

We all know the expression “measure twice cut once” but how many of us apply it to eLearning development?

Paul will share his lessons learned (often the hard way!) on why investing more planning and analysis time upfront will give you double back at the development stage when the pressure is really on.

Learn from his team’s process to streamline your eLearning projects from the ground up, bringing results-driven learner experience with minimal headaches and maximum business impact.

Paul Service is a highly accomplished senior business leader with vast exposure within the digital learning / technology space having designed and built e-Learning systems for some of the world’s largest organisations. Offers a proven track record of providing solutions through strategic business analysis in critical arms of business providing bespoke digital learning solutions to meet specific needs. Results focused and thrives when faced with challenges, drives business potential leading to growth and scalability while operating in complex stakeholder environments. An experienced people-centric and commercially minded leader, bridging the gap between the idea and the end consumer. Serves as an effective communicator, able to build strong partnerships to deliver outstanding results within a board environment.

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26 Jan 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Gemma Wells


Gemma Wells

Other Organizers

Paul Service
Paul Service

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