eLN webinar debate: How do you create and sustain a learning culture in your organisation?

25th September, 2020



Join us for a live debate with a panel of experts who’ll share their experiences and expert knowledge about Learning Cultures in organisations with participants.

What questions would you like to ask them? Here are some of our initial ideas:

    1. What is a learning culture – and what is it not? Isn’t it the same as a learning environment?
    2. What are the main misconceptions? Why do the best attempts at developing a learning culture sometimes not succeed?
    3. Why focus on this, when we have plenty of other things to worry about?
    4. What impact has the pandemic had on learning culture as far as you know? How do you change culture when you’re working remotely?

Email us your questions at ContactUs@elearningnetwork.org by close of play on 23rd September. You will also be able to ask questions during the live session, which will be facilitated by Joan Keevill, Chair of the eLN.

The panelists

Andrew Jacobs is an independent consultant and a recognised leader in learning and is known for his innovative thinking about learning, training and technology.

Nigel Paine is a renowned leadership expert and co-host of Learning Now TV. He is the author of The Learning Challenge, Building Leadership Development Programmes that Work and Workplace Learning: How to Build a Culture of Continuous Employee Development.  

Michelle Parry-Slater is Commercial Learning Content Manager at the CIPD. She is an experienced speaker, presents regularly on Learning Now TV and focuses on how to do better workplace learning.

Barbara Thompson is a Learning Transformation Specialist currently working on a strategic programme at Network Rail. She is also a regular contributor/speaker at L&D events and has the duality of in-house and consulting experiences.

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Date and Time

Friday 25th September 2020, 12noon-1:00pm