ELN Webinar: Why it’s Time to Re-think eLearning Accessibility

31 January, 2020



At the start of every new year it’s traditional for the eLearning community to identify the trends which will influence and shape our industry. While it’s guaranteed that regulars like microlearning, AI, VR, game-based learning, content curation etc. will be on the list, something which is equally guaranteed, is that accessibility will not.

So how can it be that in an industry which is rightly obsessed with learner engagement, we continue to produce products and services which exclude 20% of our learners – those who have disabilities or impairments?

In this month’s eLN webinar Susi Miller, an eLearning Accessibility Consultant and Director at eLahub, shares her valuable research and explains why 2020 is the year that accessibility will finally become impossible for the eLearning industry to ignore. She’ll discuss how:

  • Changes in UK law mean that accessible digital content will soon be a legal requirement for an estimated 54K public sector organisations.
  • In the age of corporate social responsibility, many other industries are already discovering the business benefits of making accessibility a strategic objective.
  • Considering people with permanent, situational and temporary impairments really can improve eLearning products and services for everyone.

Susi will also give plenty of practical advice on how anyone can make a wide range of digital content more accessible, including online documents, eLearning resources and social media posts.

This is a webinar you can’t afford to miss.

Date and Time

31 January, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm