Learning Design For The Point-Of-Work

21st September, 2018


Performance and productivity require a fresh approach to learning where the primary focus is on key business needs and KPIs. Learning cannot be driven by an old paradigm where staff attend an occasional face-to-face course, but by development that is embedded at the heart of the organisation on a daily basis.” Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content at CIPD

L&D are being challenged more to affect the work, to enhance performance, and improve productivity. This is a significant shift from the ‘educators’ of old. Business leaders, stakeholders and employees themselves now expect a more performance-focused L&D function, one that can help address the priorities of today, to meet the goals of tomorrow.

Designing for the point-of-work focuses us on solving the real problems that need solving – and addressing points of friction that are holding workers back. This requires us to not think in terms of topics and initiatives, but in terms of situations and challenges faced by our clients and colleagues, i.e. the ‘doing’ rather than the ‘learning’.

In this webinar, David will be looking at the changes happening in – and to – L&D that are leading to the switch in focus from ‘learning’ to ‘performance’ and how to do this to address friction in the user / employee journey. We’ll look at what it means to design for usage at the point-of-work, and how data can be used for more than just ‘measurement’.

David James is Digital Learning Strategist with Looop and was previously Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company’s EMEA region. With more than 20 years of industry experience, David now works with businesses to develop and implement social, agile and digital learning strategies that make learning work.

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Date and Time

Friday 21st September, 2018 - 12pm - 1pm BST