The trouble with blended learning (and how to avoid it) with eLN Industry Partner, LAS

24th July, 2020



Blended learning has been around for as long as learning has, but the trouble is, many people get it wrong. It’s easy to over-engineer a blend, spend more money than you need to, waste your learners’ precious time and attention and not get the business impact you need.

From 15 years of putting the human at the centre of projects, Rob Hubbard has learnt a thing or two about people: their brains, behaviours and attitudes. He’s distilled much of this down into a methodology called Next Generation Blended Learning. This methodology has gone on to be adopted by some of the biggest brands in the world, been used to enable cultural change and has been independently endorsed with an international award.

In this session Rob will share the methodology with you and the thinking behind it, helping you to make your blends more human centred and so, more impactful.

In this session, you’ll learn:

* How to avoid the common pitfalls of ‘traditional’ blended learning

* How to increase engagement by putting the learner at the centre of the blend

* How to design the material you create to maximise the impact for the business

* Techniques for influencing attitudes and behaviours in a blend

Rob Hubbard is the founder of eLN Industry Parther LAS , a custom digital learning agency and consultancy who work with forward-thinking global organisations who share their appetite for innovation. Connect with Rob on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Date and Time

Friday 24th July 2020, 12noon-1:00pm