Video-based discussions -an alternative approach to live meetings

20th March, 2020


Finding a suitable time to get everyone together for a meeting can often be a challenge.

That’s where video-based discussions come in. Rather than find a suitable time for everyone to meet, you can make a video of the content you wish to share and invite attendees to review, mark up and comment on the video as they watch it.

In this session, we will:
* Discuss ways of communicating in today’s workplace
* Identify what an asynchronous video-based discussion is
* Discover how to approach a video-based discussion
* Discuss which situations video-based discussion could work

Jayne Davids is a Board Member of the eLearning Network, and has been involved in L&D for 20 years. Through her company Raiveon, Jayne helps organisations create in-house video by offering Camtasia training, screencast video production and video editing. Jayne is a TechSmith Recommended Trainer and trusted UK partner for Padcaster – mobile media kit. Jayne has been developing her smartphone video skills and learning to be OK with being on camera. Find out more about Jayne and her work on her website: Raiveon.com

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Date and Time

Friday 20th March 2020, 11am