Davies Learning Solutions

Digital Learning has evolved over the last 10 years, in line with how society in general interact with their technology to find information. At Davies Learning Solutions, we have embraced this evolution and much more.

Davies Learning Solutions have digital and thought leadership experts, working together seamlessly to create learning assets from standard compliance training to interactive gamified, learning experiences. Our experience has taught us, when someone logs into a session, on any topic, it must have these three fundamentals:

  1. Creativity – It feels and looks fresh
  2. Energy – It keeps their attention
  3. Clarity – It makes the complicated, accessible, and practical

Our digital learning has real impact and improves both personal and business performance. We can develop standalone solutions or mix them seamlessly within virtual facilitation to produce a perfectly formed blended solution for the new world of learning.

In the last 3 years we have developed digital experiences that improve inductions, leadership & personal development, and organisational transformation. We have reduced the time it takes to get new starters up to speed, improved customer satisfaction and driven leadership development to improve retention, engagement, and performance – fundamentally helping organisations realise their potential.

As a partner with Davies Learning Solutions, you get the benefit of our combined experience of over a century in Learning design, delivery, and strategy. We help you find the right levers to pull and provide a solution that makes a difference and won’t be forgotten. (Partly because of our learning retention technology Errol that helps learners remember!).

This year alone we have developed over 80 separate learning interventions and nearly 1000 people have added value back into their roles by accessing our resources, which are expertly crafted to the highest standards. We partner with our clients on branding, word of mouth and look & feel, which is always well received to deliver a truly immersive learning experience.