Woodrow Mercer

At Woodrow Mercer we are proud to do things differently. We have thrown the recruitment rule book out of the window and replaced it with an emphasis on trust and partnership. Our Woodrow Mercer learning team works with the largest and smallest Learning Consultancies, sector leading companies and innovative start-ups. We have amassed a deep understanding of what makes a good L&D Consultant or Instructional Designer and have turned that knowledge into a superb service for our customers, by being genuine thought leaders within this market.

Whether it is a job in back-end web development or front end development, Woodrow Mercer’s team of technology recruiters can find the perfect role to help you further your career.

Our priorities around IT are constantly evolving with the ever-changing industry, with our clients and candidates valuing the insights we provide around technology recruitment. Our team of technology recruiters are embedded into different aspects of the industry, so they can assist you in finding the ideal next job in your chosen field.