It’s all about the questions: review of ‘Getting Your Learner to Think’ Workshop

ELN, June 25, 2019

Having previously participated in a couple of eLN events, I was looking forward to this workshop in Manchester in June. I was geared up for a participatory and informative workshop and that is exactly what I got.

This workshop focuses on the design of learning and in particular how making it interactive can aid the effectiveness of the learning. But not all interaction is equal and the workshop focused on interactions that lead to improved recall based on well-founded evidence, particularly from cognitive psychology. The workshop explored in detail how questions can be used to enable this kind of productive interaction and got us looking at what makes for an effective question.

I Sketchnoted the sessions and these provide a summary of the topics explored.

The day involved lots of relevant activities and group work to help us think through these issues. Some questions were even used!

This event would be a really useful introduction to designing effective interactive learning materials using questions, for anyone new to design, but would also provide a useful opportunity to hone your skills if you have more experience. A further advantage of an interactive day like this is the opportunity to meet and work with fellow professionals building your Personal Learning Network.

This workshop is being run again in a few weeks in London, so don’t worry if you missed out on Manchester, you can sign up for this instead.

Rachel Burnham
Rachel is a Learning & Development Consultant based in Manchester and she makes use of Sketchnoting to help people use visuals to think, work and learn. You can find her on Twitter @BurnhamLandD.