eLN Webinar: Learning Design and the Virtual Classroom

Learning Design and the Virtual Classroom: What learning design concepts can you apply to make your virtual classroom stand out?

We all know that various theories, methods and approaches to instructional design make a difference to our e-learning components, materials and face-to-face sessions. But what of virtual classrooms, the live online events that aren’t the same as face to face, but also aren’t a webinar. What learning theories and approaches work there? How does the technology get in the way, or even enable learning?

Join virtual classroom and webinar specialist Jo Cook as she has a look at some different learning approaches and just what will work online.

The webinar covers:
• What Instructional Design is
• Deconstructing the standard learning goal
• A quick take on some learning theories
• Focusing on the virtual classroom challenges
• Discussing the importance of interaction
• How to use a template for a virtual classroom facilitator guide

Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo specialises in training learning professionals about virtual classroom and website design and delivery. Read more at www.lightbulbmoment.online and connect on Twitter through @LightbulbJo.

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