Modern Learning Platforms: The LMS Evolves

elnetwork, May 23, 2018

With John Curran, Director and Learning Architect at Designed for Learning and former eLN Chair.

If there’s one thing that is almost universally disliked in the e-learning business it has to be the LMS.

In the past most LMSs were designed as ‘back-office’ systems – they focused on gatekeeping, tracking and reporting. Frustratingly for those of us championing the uptake of e-learning the user interface and user experience was low down on the list of priorities. But in the past few years things have changed substantially. There is now a vast range of ‘modern LMSs’ that not only vastly improve the user experience but also make the design and development of online courses much more straightforward.

In this webinar we’ll look at the range of learning platforms now available and explore the pros and cons of different platforms from the perspective of effective learning design. We’ll also look at how modern learning platforms incorporate approaches such as gamification, spaced learning and performance support.

If you are currently considering a new LMS this webinar will help guide your thinking. If you are a learning designer then this webinar will help you explore what’s possible beyond the conventional SCORM module!

Yes…LMSs really can be fun!

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