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Nominations are now open to join the eLN Board

Closing date: 26th November 2021

The opportunity

We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for our industry – and skills to support that passion – who would like to give up a little of their valuable time to give a lot back to our community.

This year we are more focused than ever and are looking for individuals to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Events management
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Technology support

(More details on the specifics of these roles available on request.)

You must be a full eLN member or Industry Partner representative to apply for these positions.

Why join our Board?

From an industry perspective, becoming an eLN Director is a unique opportunity to help to run your professional network and contribute to the wider industry. From a personal perspective, it will enhance your profile and widen your personal network. It is also an opportunity to develop your leadership, communication and organisational skills at a strategic level. You don’t have to be in a senior position already to apply but you do need experience of the industry.

Your commitment

This is a voluntary position and as such will require you to dedicate time each week to support the smooth running and growth of the network. You will be required to attend monthly Board meetings online (approx 1 hour: UK working hours) as well as one annual Board meeting in person (travel costs will be covered). In between these meetings, you will be responsible for managing your own time to deliver against your tasks as part of your role on the Board.

It’s hard to give a firm estimate as each of us works differently, but on average we are looking for around 4 hours of your time per week. The term of directorship is initially two years and can be extended for a further two.

Before you apply, please read about the role and responsibilities of being a company director on the Institute of Directors website:

Hear what some of our existing directors have to say

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The Board's responsibilities

Setting the strategic direction for the eLN, confirming its value proposition and raising its profile
Promoting the values of eLN virtually and via face-to-face events
Identifying industry experts and forward thinkers who can speak at events such as Connect and update or upskill the membership
Representing the eLN at conferences and exhibitions, such as Learning Technologies
Owning eLN activities, including organising, running or supporting virtual and regional events, the Connect annual conference, the Mentoring programme, newsletters, social media and webinars
Helping to judge the annual Learning Technology Awards and ensuring quality standards are maintained (with other industry experts)

The process:


You must be an eLN member to be eligible to stand for election. You can nominate yourself and must be seconded by a full eLN member. Nominations close on 26th November.


Complete your application form, indicating how your skills meet the role/s we are looking to fill.

Review and election

The current Board of Directors will review your application and get back in touch if there are any points they wish to clarify. If there are more nominations than spaces on the Board, we will hold an election and will use the information you provide in your application to advertise the candidates. Only full members will have a vote.


Once a decision has been arrived at, all applicants will be updated to confirm if they have been successful or not. We will then formally announce the new Board on our website and via social media.

If you have any questions, email us at

Good Luck!

eLN Director nomination form

Nominations for this year are now closed.


All fields on this form are mandatory and must be completed.

Role applying for
This year we are keen to recruit new directors into 4 keys roles, Events management, Mentoring, Marketing and Technology support.  Please select the roles you are most interested in applying for.  You can select as many as you like.

In the field below, if you have selected more than one interested role, please let us know which of the roles you are most interested in and give a brief description on why.

This information will be used on the voting pages so please do not include any sensitive information.

To be able to apply for a role on the board you must be seconded by another full member or Industry Partner representative.