The Origins of 70:20:10

The 70:20:10 model, framework or mantra, whatever you prefer to call it, has generated considerable interest in the L&D community. Many organisations have even ‘adopted it’ in some way or another though that adoption can look very different on the ground. I was doing a little research on the origins of 70:20:10 and came across some useful stuff. This white paper from Deakin Prime has a nice section on the origin and also some interesting information on the way different organisation have embraced 70:20:10.

One telling quote from my research:

“Learning professionals need to keep in mind that the 70:20:10 concept is a conceptual or theoretical model based on retrospective musings by executives about what made them successful and broad summary statements of the findings. It is neither a scientific fact nor a recipe for how best to develop people.” (ATD,

Download link: Deakin Prime, Demystifying 70:20:10 White Paper

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