Up your feedback game

Feedback: how does the word make you feel?

For some, it’s an essential element of everyone’s learning and development. For others, it’s an onerous necessity, leading to awkward conversations. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, trying to do the right thing and ensure we’ve got the hang of it.

Culture plays a part: I’ve worked with breathtakingly frank managers from other countries who smile as the British people in the workshop tie themselves in knots. And then there’s the dreaded ‘sandwich’!

That’s why I wrote The Feedback Book.

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Dawn Sillett

Dawn Sillett

I got into L&D after complaining about the lack of training at my then employer; my boss told me, "you just got yourself a night job!" It wasn't long before I decided to make the night job the day job. Fast-forward 20 years and I'm still loving seeing those lights go on when people figure things out and feel good about themselves as they learn. Moving from F2F to virtual has been testing, yet a great learning process. Most clients are in the creative/media sector, from first jobbers to directors.